In this modern and futuristic time everyone wants something cool and attractive. Here are some of most usable and best wireless chargers that are most safer to use with your devices. After having these any of these wireless charger you dont need to worry about lightning cables for charging. You just only need to placer your phone on charging doc and your phone is quickly charged.

This wireless charger is Qi certified. This means you don’t need to worry about anything when you put your phone on a wireless charger for charging. This Powlaken 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station supports wireless charging to iPhones, apple watch, and AirPods simultaneously. It is suitable for Apple Watch series 5/4/3/2/1, AirPods Pro/2/1, iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max/ iPhone 8/8 Plus.

This charger also supports android phones so if you have any android phone which supports wireless charging that will absolutely work fine. Some of the supported android models are Samsung S9 /S8/Note 8/ S7 Edge and more Qi-enabled devices.
Some of the coolest part of this charger is it has the latest technology and best built-in integrated chips that are programmed to provide intelligent multifunctional protection, such as temperature control of device and voltage protection, temperature control, and foreign object detection. 

This has built in circuits and chips that cut the coil charging power which protects your device battery from overcharging to ensure your device battery health is good.
The design of this charger is so good and flexible it has a magnetic metal plate, so you can easily adjust your phone and apple watch, and AirPods on the charging module to an ideal angle.

 So with the easy adjustment of your device on the wireless charging dock, you can easily listen to music or chat while your phone is charging.
Its modern design makes it more convenient and portable that you can easily take it with you in your backpack.
It has multiple fast charging modes for different devices. You can use 7.5W fast charging mode for apple devices like iPhone 11/11 Pro/Xs/ XR /X/8 /8 Plus.

10W for fast charging mode for android devices like Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/7+, NOTE 9/8/7 and 5W for any other Qi-enabled devices if you have some other phone models. With wide charging angles you can charge your phone in both portrait or landscape.

With this charger, you don’t need to worry about so many charging cables and charging adapters to charge for your multiple devices. To turn on this charger just need a type c cable and QC 3.0 adapter. You can easily and quickly charge your phone in covers that are 5mm or 0.20 inch thick.

Ziku 3 in 1 wireless charging stand is very nicely and cleanly designed with aluminum. You can easy charge your iPhone, apple watch or air pods.
It can quickly charge your apple watch, iPhone and airpods simultaneously with great speed.
You can charge your phone in both portrait and landscape mode means you can charge and enjoy your phone at a same time.
USB Type c is used to power this device for fater charging.
It has a dedicated special port for airpods and airpods pro so you can charge them too at the same time. You don’t have to wait for your phone to be charged and then you charge your airpods.

Belkin is a pioneer in technology and innovation. They are producing the best products and researching new technology for about 35 years. This has a modern and clean design you can charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time on its nicely designed wireless charging base. They have great brand trust and customer satisfaction.
You can charge your apple watch and iPhone both at the same time. This is compatible with all wireless supported charging apple devices iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8/8 Plus.This has an adjustable built-in Lightning connector that moves both backward and forward, and up and down this made easy to plug in your phone with charger easily without any hassle.
The dock of this charger is designed to easily hold your Apple Watch and iPhone above the surface of your desk or nightstand to prevent scratches from the surface. Its modern design makes this more visible and clear.

This is Yootech wireless charger with multiple charging modes. It can be used for both android and IOS . It has 7.5W charging mode is for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/XS MAX/XS/XR/X/8/8 plus and 10W charging mode.
This is compatible with Note 10/10 Plus/S10/S10 Plus/S10E/Note9/S9/S8 and so on.
Its 5W charging mode works on Any Qi-enabled devices like Google Pixel 3/3XL/4XL and other Qi-enabled phones. Its unique desing made it perfect for charging airpods.
You can easily fit your airpods in charging area easily. It sits like alarm clock on side of your bed.
Its has modern and latest technology that provides temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention. So your phone charges with safety.
This wireless chargers is Qi-certified means you can safely charge your wireless charging supported phones easily on this its dock.
It is made of ABS material which is fire-resistant, and has a UL Certificate, you can purchase it at assurance.
Its charging stand has green light LED Indicator will flash if the power source is connected. It has nightstand mode with is activated when its charging coils detects your phone completly and then it turns off all lights in charging dock.

This is another Belkin wireless charger model that charges your phone by placing on charging base. This model has all features that a standard wireless charging dock has. You can safely charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time without any hassle.
The best part of this speaker is it has built in speaker that connects with your phone with one touch. So if you want to facetime or call or you want to watch movies or music also keep your phone charging this is the best option for you. 

This charging dock maintains your phone charging speed while you are listening to music on its speaker simultaneously.

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