How to Get Free SSL Certificate For your WordPress Website? Explained 2020

How to get free ssl certificate

Many hosts provide a free SSL certificate with their hosting plan but if you have got the elemental plan otherwise you don’t have an SSL certificate along with your hosting this not a high deal. Here you’ll learn exactly what you have got need to attempt to do for a free SSL certificate.


An SSL (Security Sockets Layer) certificate, also called a Digital Certificate, creates a secure connection between the online site and so the browser of holidaymakers who use it. By ensuring that each one information transmitted between the online site and so the appliance remains confidential and secure, SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing the private information of a MasterCard, names, and addresses, and ensures that every information sent between the online site and so the browser is confidential and secure.

If you sell products or services on your website and accept online credit cards, you merely need an SSL certificate on the web for security. If you are not selling online, but giving your website credibility, a web site verification site is sufficient.

How to add ssl certificate to your website. SSL certificate for website
SSL certificate example


  • It records sensitive information
  • It protects against cybercriminals
  • Build trust and brand strength

According to Google

Encryption makes the web more secure .HTTPS ensures the content you view online hasn’t been eavesdropped on or altered by others on the network, like your internet service provider.

How to get SSL Certificate:

To access the certificate you wish to form a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on your server. This process requires a private key and a public key on your server. The CSR file (known because the Authentication Certificate or CA) contains the final public key that you simply just send to the sole real provider of SSL certificates. CA uses a CSR file to make an information frame that enhances your private key without compromising the key. CA will never inquiry for a private key.

When the SSL document is signed, you place it on your file. you’ll also install an initial certificate that establishes your SSL Certificate ‘s validity by connecting it to the source certificate of your CA. The instructions for installing and examining your certificate should look different on your server.


SSL Certificates use what’s called public-key cryptography.

This particular fairly cryptography combines the facilities of two keys that are long strings of force created spontaneously. One is termed a non-public key and another is termed a public key. Known to your server and available within the ownership could also be a public secret. It can encrypt any message used.

SSL fundamentally works with subsequent concepts:

  • Asymmetric Cryptography
  • Symmetric Cryptography

Asymmetric Cryptography

There are two sides in an encrypted communication: the sender, who encrypts the info, and thus the recipient, who decrypts it. Because the name implies, asymmetric encryption is different on each side; the sender and thus the recipient uses two different keys. Asymmetric encryption also stated as public-key encryption, uses a public key-private key pairing: data encrypted with the private key can only be decrypted with the ultimate public key, and contrariwise.

TLS (or SSL), the protocol that produces HTTPS possible, relies on asymmetric encryption. A customer can get the public key of a website from the TLS certificate (or SSL certificate) of that website and use that to initiate secure contact. the web site keeps the private key secret.

Symmetric Cryptography:

This is often the only encryption that has only one secret key to hide knowledge and decode it. Symmetric encryption is an old technique that’s well-known. It uses a key, which could be a variant, a word, or perhaps a random character string. it’s mixed with the clear text of the message to form the content more specific. The sender and receiver must know all the messages are encrypted and encrypted. AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256 are widely employed in symmetric methods. the foremost disadvantage of symmetric key encryption is that each person involved must exchange the encryption key before decoding the information.

Which is more powerful?

Because symmetric keys are larger than symmetric keys, asymmetrically encrypted data is harder to decompose than symmetrically encrypted data. Although symmetric keys are better, it doesn’t really be. Such keys should be measured by the following properties rather than by their size: computational load and simple distribution. Asymmetric encryption has no problem thereupon. nobody can encrypt your messages as long as you keep your private key secure. you’re visiting distribute without concern about who gets the relevant public key. Anyone with a public key can encrypt the data, but only the private key can decode it.


Google has forced websites to make SSL certificates. About two-thirds of all websites are actually underwritten and Google is taking the steps to fix that. As of July 2018 Google’s SSL requirements are reinforced as unsafe in Chrome by flagging sites without SSL. The updated Chrome app will help users realize that each one in every of the HTTP websites is safe and transfer the positioning to a secure HTTPS website.

Buying and installing SSL isn’t any doubt anything to be ignored by online business owners. Google Chrome is about, to mark sites as insecure unless it follows the above steps.

Sites without a secure link are labeled ‘Safe,’ and perhaps listed. For visitors to your site, those most vital visual elements won’t be within the address bar and you’ll lose them as a consequence.

Without a reference certificate, an SSL certificate is certified, so you’ll only affect your search results place in Google. There’s plenty to try and do than simply a research engine for you. Without a secure link, EFFECT OF SSL ON YOUR GOOGLE RANKING places your entire business and brand credibility at risk:

google about SSL certificate
Web site with and without an SSL certificate


How essential is an SSL certificate on your website, and the way does this certificate impact your Google level?

The newest in Google’s evolutionary SEO optimization algorithm is that the development of internet sites that use SSL certificates as a ‘source’ for his or her trust. Google strongly encourages websites with SSL certificates.

According to Google

We’d like to announce that we’re adjusting our indexing system to look for more HTTPS pages. Specifically, we’ll start crawling HTTPS equivalents of HTTP pages, even when the former is not linked to from any page”

Google has confirmed that a secure website with SSL certification is useful for other unsecured and encrypted websites provided by other search engine optimization (SEO) features that remain the same.

Adding a free SSL certificate to your website is incredibly easy. Now many hosts offer free SSL certificates with their packages. Top 5 websites host with free SSL.

 If you have got purchased domain and hosting and are planning an SSL certificate on your website you’re at an excellent place.



This is often an American web infrastructure and web security company, which provides network delivery services, DDoS reduction, Internet security, and shared name services.

You can sign up at and join up. If you are already a member, check in to your account.

Once logged in add your website. 

Adding website in cloudlfare for SSL certificate

After adding your website.

Copy name-servers from Cloudflare.



1. Click on Manages DNS

2. Switch name servers

3. Update existing name-servers with Cloudflare name-servers

4. Save settings

Adding DNS updating nameservers for cloudflare
DNS management


1. Download and install Cloud Flare Flexible SSL.

2. After Download and Install activate your plugin.

SSL certificate plugin for wordpress
WordPress Plugin for SSL

 Now you’re all set. 


Once you have got added name-servers you have got to attend 24 hours to induce your name-servers updated. Don’t worry it should take your website approval and your SSL will appear on your website.