Tips on Travel Blogs Best Keywords categories for easy optimization SEO

Best tips on Travel Blogs' most required categories a travel blog must-have. You will find out how to find a low competition keyword how to section your blog and perfect categories.

We are all influenced by the things we see in our daily lives, including the media. There are many people having the confidence to shine along with them there are some people who avoid showing skills. We’re tired of new things that give a sense of change, and progress. Here are some tips for On-page optimization for low competition keywords to your travel blogs.

Starting travel blogs is the best decision one can take. There are many articles explaining how to start travel blogs out there. I will help you start travel blogs and provide you tips on keyword categories for easy optimization SEO.


There are people who have the confidence to take the start. Honestly speaking we’re tired of new things that give a sense of change, and progress. We’re afraid that things may get messed up. In the result, we lose new events. Starting a travel blog is the best decision one can take. Firstly, I got uneasy to drop my content. After reading several of these articles I was able to catch myself. I wanted to write an article on how to put yourself in a good position to succeed.

Yet you are a professional or a hobbyist, starting travel blogs is super easy. It’s very simple. If you are hoping to create a worthwhile travel blog and/or use your blog to fund your trip, you will have to invest time and effort into it. You will spend a lot of time in front of your computer. There are many skills to learn and there are now many useful tools to make your job much easier and to overcome your burden.

Travel blog Start your journey having best journey
Travel Diaries


Despite creating a travel blog make sure you have a lot of information about the place. You should provide exact information on your web page and information should be fully optimized.


Remember that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing for that I suggest you avoid it. In a very crowded space as a travel blogging world, you have to stand out. Years after today, you will look at your writings and say,“ Why am I writing”? It means that you have grown as a writer (and blogger). It’s about progress, not perfection. Never wait for perfection. If you expect perfection, you will never begin your blog. There is no cost to install a website. So, bring it up. The Internet brings out the best – and worst – of people. They will get real assurance.

People like to be full of self-improvement. You are their current feature. Find a way out. Words like Adventurous, Backpacking, Travels and Wandering, etc. have all been extensively used, and it is unlikely that you will find success with them. Don’t call your blog an annual Journey. If your, trip can have long-lasting potential. Don’t call yourself a 30-year-old traveler. Have a blogging style. Many people don’t take that first step to make their blogging dreams come true.

Here’s some inspiration for my favorite travel experiences:

  • City Blogging
  • Country-specific
  • Location / Region
  • Traveling by Solo
  • People-focused
  • Going by budget
  • A comfortable ride
  • It’s a fun tour
  • Family travel
  •  Adult visits
  • Travel and disability


  • It’s a full niche: Everyone wants to ride the wave of being a travel blogger, assuming it’s all about rain and sunshine – that by having travel blogs (with a few followers), they can ask to stay in 5-star hotels, it’s not easy. There are a lot of travel bloggers. Who long, in building their empire. Heretofore, they get to the point where they get special (or compensation) money.
  • Many times, you’re behind your computer: Being a blogger is like having your own magazine and being an editor, photographer, writer, and style – all in one. Some bloggers seem to have groups. In the beginning, it will only be you. Capturing and editing photos and/or video, writing, SEO, social media editing: all of these tasks will require a fair amount of time tied up in front of your computer.
  •  You will not receive a deposit: Like doing things for yourself, it’s only as good as your next project. You should consider blogging about travel as a cost in the beginning. After how you start writing about places you’ve not been to? You should invest to create a trip that will serve as a context for your content
  •  If you are a travel blogger by yourself: it can be lonely to travel from place to place on your own. As you’ve been, elsewhere from the area. You’ll make and break friendships and connections.

Companies usually pay you for content. As in order, to be a successful travel blogger. You must have to follow the same restrictions similar to a regular job. Creating great content. Dealing with what’s given to you is not easy.


Now the biggest question is this profitable to start traveling blogs and gain organic traffic? 

Deriving organic traffic to your website is never a piece of cake. It’s stiff competition on the web. Whatever you think of has already been taken or has got 1000s of viewers. You must optimize your website your content of website and niche of website. Gaining organic traffic for your website usually means you are working 24/7. Your struggle is bringing traffic in some time like 1 month 6 months 1 year or more. 

We are talking about organic traffic along with more search results, there are some most popular and uncomplicated ways to derive traffic to your website. Keep in mind DON’T LOSE HOPE  always keep trying one day everything you do now would be fruitful. Many people are making websites and generating the content. When they, notice people aren’t showing interest. They lose hope and stop creating content.

Never Loose hope

Right now, Travelling Blogs are the hottest topics in 2020. They have decent traffic with low competition.  

Google is the topmost search engine. Google traffic results are pretty good. Optimizing your website for ranking on Google and other search engines is an ongoing battle as competition is fierce in the online travel blogging space and Google is constantly updating its algorithm. SEO is a never-ending process. I am constantly updating old posts to make sure they give my readers the best and most SEO-friendly Google experience. To bear the consequences it may not be the fun and nude side of guessing you see on social media.

google keyword results for travel blogs
keyword plan (Google ads)

These low competition keyword research has really made life easy and will let you rank very fast and easily.

Best traveling categories from where you can start are:

  • Places to visit  
  • Top destinations  
  • Best places  
  • Travel media  
  • Tourism  

Usually, you can add tips if you are local or native to place. These traveling blogs are right now at the top and have a lot of opportunities and have low competition you may have may opportunities for easy ranking.  

Precise and exact information is really helpful and people like it most. If your information is correct comprehensive that would make your blog more interesting and derive more organic traffic.

For creating travel blogs you can have these sections in your webpage or website like:

  • Best Travel Routes
  • Historical Places
  • Health Guide
  • Beautiful Places
  • Most Visited Places
  • Culture and Traditions
  • Shopping
  • Festivals
  • Food and Restaurants



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