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It seems like the industry addresses encryption. Probably, client-server encryption in contrast with the SSL certificate, the SSL has been phased out to protect the highest security of transport. So, you will receive a TLS certificate but remember that the SSL naming convention seems to be stuck. Also, here we’ll discuss some best and cheap web hosting sites.

Usually, the certificates show that the website uses HTTPS. Therefore, the existence of an SSL certificate is verified and exposed to web browsers with a lock icon or a green area next to the URL. Similarly, the unsafe sites often display a red X or the words ‘Insecure’.

As, HTTPS ensures confidential, secure communication on the website server. Therefore, the link between the visitor and the website is encrypted. It almost prevents attackers from monitoring or disrupting the information. As a result SSL certificates are increasingly needed to gain and hold customer loyalty.

Although SSL certificates are not a silver bullet to counter all malicious online attacks, yet they are extremely low-risk and very easy to use. Look for a hosting provider that emphasizes customer support and well-designed hosting plans. But before getting into it we should know what is Webhosting, its importance, and SSL certificate.

What is website hosting?

Web hosting essentially finds room on the internet where you are ‘storing’ your content. From this room, internet users around the world can access your content whenever they turn on their devices to key in your web address. This room will be bought or leased, generally with payments made monthly or annually.

The percentage of time that the Web host server actually connects to the Internet is called uptime, thus allowing access to the websites that it hosts. Hosting involves placing your website and content on a server which is a powerful computer that can serve your content to multiple users who want to access it.

Significance of Hosting Web

Less probably to have downtime on the Website:

A weak hosting provider means your website would be more likely to suffer from unavailability or interruption. It is common knowledge that a website with poor web hosting is likely to suffer problems as the host is not going to protect the website. If your website went down you can lose customers, lose revenue, and lose confidence.

Able to cope Huge Traffic:

It may occur that your site temporarily faces downtime when you have maximum traffic to your site. But if you have dedicated web hosting then there will be no such occurrences and you will have the capacity to maintain the optimum traffic to your site.


You risk being hacked, without having a secure, well-maintained website. If this happens, your website will be ‘distrusted’ by Google, which could lead to lower SEO rankings. Good hosting guarantees that all components of your website are cleaned well and they operate fine for example, firewall, antivirus, etc

Tech Support:

You can easily get stuck anywhere, your tech support team is there to fix your problem. You must make sure that someone is there to support you 24/7 before you consider buying the hosting. Many of the top suppliers of web hosting give day and night assistance.

Bad influence on your SEO Ranking:

Your aim with content marketing is to rank high in search engines so that customers can find you easily. If your site is constantly down when search engines attempt to visit it, then it will negatively impact your ranking. Other than downtime, many SEO experts believe slow websites may upset your rankings as well.

What is SSL certificates:

SSL stands for Secure Layer Sockets. it’s an online protocol designed to secure data transmission between the browser of a user and also the website they visit. Each web user transmits information when visiting websites. This information, like transaction details, MasterCard data, etc are often sensitive.

SSL certificates are what really enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is safe. An SSL certificate may be a file that’s host to the origin server of a web site. SSL certificates permit SSL / TLS encryption and supply the general public key of the web site and also the identification of the web site, together with the related information.

Devices that try to interact with the origin server will link this file to urge the general public key and to verify the identity of the server. The key to privacy is kept confidential and secure.


Site ground pricing

Because site-Ground is the most recommended one of the cheap web hosting sites online. In addition, they need to be provisioned to Word Press users and have affordable pricing. They’re most known for their fast performance and fast support.

Key Site-Ground Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Word Press Staging Environment
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Fast knowledgeable support
  • Daily Backups

Site-Ground may be a solid choice for you similar to cheap web hosting sites. Generally, they provide Word Press websites and offer fewer resources. In conclusion, it provides higher reliability.

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2. Cloudways

Cloudways Pricing and packages

Generally, cloud-ways is a managed cloud server service. When you select a cloud provider. Consequently, cloud-ways connect their platform to it, making it very easy to manage. While you pay a small monthly premium after that and move straight to the management platform.

Key Cloud-way Features:

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • One-Click Staging for Word Press
  • 24/7 Support & Live Chat
  • Free Word Press Caching Plugin
  • Very fast servers
  • Easy to use control panel

I like what cloud-ways do. Moreover, you can reach out to various cloud hosting providers. For a modest premium you pay hence, you get a cloud-ways control panel and most importantly support.

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A2 hosting Prices and latest plans
A2 hosting pricing and plans

A2Hosting is a US-based hosting company that focuses on Word Press website hosting. However, they provide affordable prices, stable and cheap web hosting sites environment, and excellent support.

Key A2 Hosting Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Uses SSD Drives
  • US Based Support

A2Hosting is one of the highest Word Press web hosting companies that I like to recommend. Certainly, if you would like your Word Press website to possess fast loading speeds without breaking the bank. Then commit to consider replacement hosting account with A2Hosting.

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Green Geeks Hosting Prices
GreenGeeks Pricing

Green-Geeks is fast, secure and caters to the remnant of WordPress users. However, their names come from using a human-friendly approach to website management. In addition, all of their WordPress applications come with free SSL, unlimited email accounts, free in-house / CDN, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage. Also, you have the option to choose from different server locations between the USA, Canada, etc.


WordPress site transfer is free from the support side so, they have a 24/7 live chat. Email and phone support and WordPress related instructors and administrators. Moreover, their support is often quick and accurate.

Most importantly the performance of Green-Geek, the speed is good, and the display time is very good. But, the only exception is the high renewal fee.


  • Round table
  • Green hosting provider
  • Free site delivery


In-motion Hosting Pricing

Similarly, as others discussed above Inmotion is the best cheap web hosting site that serves over a lot of customers worldwide. All their assistances are easily infectious. Moreover, data centers around the world and ensure a 90-day money-back guarantee. Their plans offer a 90-day money-back guarantee and come with everything you need to run a business online.

All their programs come with unlimited email accounts, unlimited email storage, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth. Also, they provide a free local service. In addition, all of their systems provide automated and standard configuration for your data, including your files and databases. But the only exception is a high renewal price as compare to the sign-up price.


  • All unlimited includes disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts
  • Free useless travel for all your websites
  • Install over 400 software documentation in just one click
  • Offers US-based tech support
  • All plans come with a 90-day money-back guarantee